1. Jim Cochrane

    Hey Laurie,
    It’s amazing how little I knew about the big 5. I am glad I read your post as it gave some great information about this amazing animals.

    What I find the most surprising is about how the Cape Buffalo are the most dangerous. I wouldn’t have guessed that for anything.

    Best Regards,

  2. Sharon Whitebeard-Pap

    Hi Hillary

    Would love to order all the above. The picture with the Big 5 and the black and white of each individually…

    Would need to ship to Canada. Can you let me know how big these are?


    • Hi Sharon
      Shipping to Canada is not a problem, but to select which ones you want and purchase then click here. You simply need to Add to Cart and then Checkout once finished (checkout found in right hand corner under My Account), there will be instructions on how to pay thereafter – if you need help, then just let me know. You will see a much bigger selection to choose from too. The size of the Block Mounted Photo-Art Images are 9.4 x 9.4cm

      • SHARON

        Thanks Hilary – so I’ve placed the order, just trying to complete the bank deposit. There are 6 prints. I usually use WorldRemit Money Transfer when sending dollars to South Africa. Found it to be the best one.

        I need a 6 digit bank code. So the transit# and BIC dont work. Can you let me have that, and I can complete the transaction. Take between 1-3 business days to get 🙂

        Thanks – love to you & Karen!

        • Hi Sharon – Yes thanks, we have received your order and getting it ready to send. If it is easier for you to use WorldRemit Money Transfer, then just let me know. But you will probably need the bank codes for this too. So these are the numbers I have
          Branch Code is 050312
          Swift Code is SBZAZAJJ

          But you are probably also needing an IBAN code, which I will have to get and then will email to you.


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