1. Byron

    Hi there,

    I like the hand painted coasters you have in your christmas gift ideas for men. Is it possible to get them personalised or do they come pre-painted? Would be cool if you could do individualised ones. Also do you ship internationally as it would be cool to get my South-African friend one in Afrikaans (I live in Australia).

    • Hilary Caro

      Hy Byron

      The hand-painted coasters in the Christmas Gift Ideas for Men are pre-painted, it would be too time consuming to personalise, but thanks for your enquiry. YES we definitely ship internationally and your Saffer friends living in Australia would love it … and it would make them miss home – hehe …


    • Hi Maureen, just click on the products you want (S M L), if you want more than 1 you can change the number next to the “add to cart” button, then click on the add to cart.

      Adding to cart allows you to browse the rest of the site to see if there is anything else you want to buy. When you are finished, on the right hand side (under My Account) you will see CHECKOUT. Click on that, fill in your billing and delivery details and click PLACE ORDER. In Cape Town your delivery cost will be about R100. After you have placed the order, you will get our Bank Details where you can do an electronic transfer.

      We immediately get email notification of the order, start packing it up, and once funds reflect, your products will be couriered to you pronto.

      How exciting to see your comment xxx


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