About our Artists

The Sheep / Ewe Series of Quirky Art

Our sheep artist, from South Africa, likes to create quirky art that makes people laugh.

The first sheep was painted in 2001, called “The sheep who studied astrology”.  Thereafter, a couple of “Ambitious Sheep” versions were created.

thinkingoutoftheboxWhy sheep?  Here is the artist’s explanation.  “Sheep in their inane conformist lifestyle have much to mirror to us about the human condition.

Eat, sleep, shit, toil, die for a purpose that remains beyond their (and our) deeper understanding.  Like sheep we seldom stop to question our life, its purpose and the validity of what we do.  Struggling to achieve a stable patch for ourselves and yet being ever threatened by the inevitable tumble downhill, in the repetitive conformism of our lives, sheep become icons for our own insanity. From their lofty phallic heights, (to which we in a post paternalistic male dominated society have raised them), sheep set themselves up for an inevitable fall.

Observing people respond to sheep paintings, she noticed that they cut across racial, religious, gender and age boundaries – we can all relate to their (and our) absurdity in blindly following.  Through Ewe, we examine the life of you/ewe the observer, and hope, through humour, to get ewe/you the viewer, to question why you do what you do.”

If you want to see some of the sheep / ewe series of work click here.


Potbellies and African Animals

Have a look how the Raku and Underglazed Potbellies and African Animals are hand-made and hand-painted.

If you want to see the selection of Potbellies and African Animals that is available click here.

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